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Prince William Sound

Kenai Fjords National Park

Historic Inside Passage Cruise



Cataract Cove; Northwestern Fjord in Kenai Fjords National Park

Step back in time with us on an Alaska small ship cruise and experience the pristine beauty and pure adventure of Prince William Sound, the Kenai Fjords National Park or the Inside passage!

We offer Southcentral Alaska small ship cruise routes aboard the luxury yacht Sea Star. Our lavish trips include daily activities such as sea kayaking, hiking, wildlife and glacier viewing including spectacular whale watching or beachcombing excursions. Exquisite gourmet meals are served in our spacious dining salon throughout the day. Overnight, we anchor in peaceful coves and venture into remote and isolated places without the company of other ships. Our priority is to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime!

~ We focus on adventure, relaxation, and the chance to unwind and reconnect with nature! ~


~ Dramatic tidewater glacial scenery
~ Rugged coastlines
~ Secluded bays and coves
~ Towering ice covered peaks
Deep fjords and icebergs
~ Wildlife viewing: Whales, porpoises, sea birds, sea otters, mountain goats, and more…

Harriman Glacier; Prince William Sound – Photo by Peter Wentworth


We also offer a nonstop Inside Passage – Alaska Marine Highway cruise between Seattle and Ketchikan. This small ship cruise adventure also involves stops at Petersberg and Sitka with overnight anchorages in small peaceful coves once we are within the Southeast Alaska area. This route covers a large distance in a short amount of time and is full of grand scenery, wildlife encounters, navigational instruction for those who are interested, and a natural hot springs and glacier experience.


Even though we follow our planned routes, every cruise will be unique, depending on weather, tides, and wildlife encounters. For example, we may spend extra time watching a pod of feeding humpback whales or slow down to view nesting puffins along rocky cliffs. Or our Captain may choose an overnight cove that will have the best opportunity to see a spectacular sunrise.

~ Every day is an adventure and full of possible awe-inspiring moments!~



SouthCentral Alaska Adventure Cruising

~ Kenai Peninsula – Prince William Sound  ~


Experience the Last Frontier – Come to Southcentral Alaska

North Pacific Expeditions offers small ship adventure cruising in secluded southcentral Alaska within the impressively beautiful Prince William Sound and around the remote and rugged Kenai Peninsula. These extraordinary areas offer scenic views that change before your eyes and leave memories that last a lifetime. 

While Southeast Alaska is beautiful, there is no comparison to Alaska’s Southcentral coast! 


~ Join North Pacific Expeditions on a cruise that takes you to places very few get to experience! ~

Southcentral Alaska

Prince William Sound Cruise

~ Whittier to Seward (or Reverse) ~


~ Whittier (Depart and Return) ~

Prince William Sound Cruise including round-trip travel aboard the Alaska Railroad


5 DAYS  and 4 NIGHTS  —   Check Rates and Availability


Example Itinerary: (Seward to/from Whittier – Whittier (Depart and Return)


Route – Whittier / Seward

The Train Ride –

Route – Whittier (Depart and Return)

The Prince William Sound journey begins at the Alaska Railroad train depot in Anchorage Alaska. From there you will board the world-famous Alaska Railroad train from Anchorage in route to Seward or Whittier.  During this scenic train ride you will experience picturesque coastal views of Turnagain Arm and maybe catch a glimpse of feeding beluga whales. As you twist your way through the Chugach mountain range look for moose, bear, bald eagles, mountain goats, glacial rivers, waterfalls, and backcountry glaciers.

Alaska Railroad; Kenai Peninsula – Photo by Peter Wentworth



In an example itinerary, the local Alaska Railroad staff will share a fascinating narrative on the history and wildlife of the sights along the way to Seward. You’ll enjoy a sumptuous meal while you relax in your glass dome car and observe the dramatic scenery. You’ll be welcomed by our crew when you disembark the train and they will assist you with your bags on the short walk to our yacht, Sea Star. You’ll have time before we depart to enjoy a stroll through the historic downtown of Seward and check out local handmade gifts and Native art or even tour the Alaska Sealife Center.

Glaciers, Whales, Sea otters

After you settle into your comfortable stateroom, we will depart Seward or Whittier on an adventurous Alaska glacier and wildlife cruise. Each day after a hearty homestyle breakfast, we will explore the western seas and fjords of Prince William Sound.  We will tour places like Esther Passage, Kings Bay, and Resurrection Bay as well as Harriman Fjord to experience the calving Surprise Glacier and the Nassau Fjord to see the calving Chenega Glacier.  To view and experience these immense tidewater calving glaciers, roaring waterfalls, and the abundance of wildlife including thousands of seabirds, rafts of sea otters, posturing Steller sea lions, playful Dall and Harbor porpoises, black bears and river otters, is truly a once in a life time adventure.  At the end of each day, we will find secluded, quiet coves to anchor for the night.

Orca Whale – Resurrection Bay, Southcenteral Alaska

Calving Chenega Glacier – Photo by Peter Wentworth

Aboard Sea Star, we will travel through Port Bainbridge where humpback and orca whales are frequently seen as well as view the massive Bainbridge Glacier. The cruise will also include one day where we will pass on the outer sea coast of Blying Sound between Cape Cleare and Cape Resurrection for a chance to see feeding whales, orcas, porpoises, sea lions, seals, sea otters, and a variety of nesting marine birds including puffins, kittiwakes and murres. We will see spectacular rugged coastlines, sea caves, towering cliffs, and peaceful quaint coves and bays.

Chenega Glacier – Peter Wentworth in action with his camera aboard Sea Star!



Life Aboard

Choose to go sea kayaking, hiking, beachcombing, or simply sit back and relax in Sea Star’s spacious seating areas. When the chance for wildlife viewing presents itself, we will spend extra time experiencing these special moments such as watching a breaching humpback whale or hanging over the bow to see Dall porpoises catching a ride from the yacht’s wake.

Finish off each day with an epicurean dinner carefully prepared by our talented chef using the finest and freshest ingredients. During the late Alaskan twilight hours, catch a glimpse of a frolicking sea otter, bright-beaked puffin, or even a bald eagle swooping down to pick up a salmon dinner of its own.


Journey’s End

We will arrive in Whittier during the last day of your Alaska glacier cruise. There will be time to explore this small quaint town. Maybe tour the Prince William Sound Museum, walk the waterfront, or enjoy a coffee before boarding the evening train for a different scenic route back to Anchorage.



U.S. Forest Service; Special Use Permit – Chugach National Forest
North Pacific Expeditions is honored to operate under a Special Use Permit with the Chugach National Forest that is issued by the U.S. National Forest Service within the Prince William Sound area. This permit allows North Pacific Expeditions the commercial use of and access to these wonderful public lands in Alaska.

Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise

~ Seward (Depart and Return) ~

Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise including travel aboard the Alaska Railroad


5 DAYS  and 4 NIGHTS  —   Check Rates and Availability


Spectacular Alaska Sightseeing ~ Fjords, Glaciers, Whales

Route – Seward (Depart and Return)

For the more adventurous traveler, we offer cruises from Seward venturing into the magnificent Kenai Fjords National Park and Kenai Peninsula. We will explore farther into the wilds of this remote environment to enjoy towering ice covered peaks, an abundance of glaciers and stunning wilderness settings.

With no set itinerary, we’ll cruise into dramatic fjords shaped by ancient ice and anchor each night in remote peaceful coves. Surrounded by an array of wildlife we will provide activities such as sea kayaking, hiking, and beachcombing. Or simply relax, read a book, and enjoy delicious epicurean meals. This is truly an explorer’s dream and a journey of a lifetime.


EXAMPLE ITINERARY: Seward (Depart and Return)

Train Ride –


After a scenic and exhilarating Alaska Railroad train ride from Anchorage to Seward, ranked as one of the top ten train rides in North America by National Geographic Traveler, you will be greeted by our crew to help you with your bags for the short walk to our yacht, Sea Star.

Upon settling into your stateroom aboard Sea Star, feel free to explore the coastal town of Seward for an hour or two and enjoy the historic downtown shops and services.

Step Back in Time

We will then drop lines and head out toward the Kenai Fjords National Park through Resurrection Bay and into Eldorado Narrows to witness beautiful ice capped peaks, sea caves, humpback whales, sea otters, nesting sea birds, Dall and harbour porpoises, orcas, and grey whales.

Watch barking sea lions bask in the sun atop the pillow lava ledges. We will pass by Cape Resurrection to look for grazing mountain goats and thousands of marine birds including pigeon guillemots, cormorants, murres, and black-legged kittiwakes.

Magical Fjords and Glaciers

We’ll cruise into dramatic Kenai Fjords National Park shaped by ancient ice and see first hand the well known Aialik Glacier and the Northwestern Glacier.  We will venture into the glacial fjord Aialik Bay with a diverse shore complete with a variety of coves, bays, and and visit two or three major glaciers.  Enjoy valleys, high mountain peaks, and pleasant lagoons as your scenic backdrop.

We will see sculpted rock arches, beautiful cascading waterfalls tumbling from the vertical cliffs and maneuver around floating icebergs with lounging harbor seals. Complete the day’s journey by relaxing around a beach bonfire while eating s’mores and watching the midnight sun making its way across the horizon.

Puffins and Islands

During our travels to the next fjord, we will pass by the Chiswell and Harbor Islands, an Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, for premier viewing of the largest seabird concentration on the Kenai Peninsula including thousands of horned and tufted puffins nesting in 500-foot tall sea stacks.

Inhabiting the rock ledges there is a vast population of Steller sea lions keeping an eye out for hungry transiting orca whales.

Fjords and Humpback Whales

On our way to the stunning Northwestern Fjord we will pass through the narrow and scenic Granite Passage with views of Granite Island’s 1,600 foot high perpendicular shoreline. As we head toward the Northwestern Glacier, you’ll be amazed by the ice age look of the Northwestern Fjord.

Witness the roar and loud echo of the calving glacier as brilliant blue glass icebergs float gently around us. Crackling ice, pristine air, vivid blues and grays, and ancient carved glacial rocks all tantalize the senses in this constantly changing environment.

McCarty Peninsula, Nuka Bay and Taz Basin are other remarkable and remote areas that we will explore on the Kenai Peninsula. Watch for gorgeous humpback whales and orcas on your spectacular Alaska sightseeing cruise through the Kenai Fjords National Park.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our Kenai Peninsula Grand Explorer’s Adventure consists of traveling in open ocean waters at times and may not be recommended for travelers prone to seasickness. We suggest our clients purchase either over-the-counter seasickness pills or obtain a prescription from your physician for a prescription patch (highly recommended). The yacht Sea Star does have stabilizers to assist her with excessive rolling in the swells and sea chop should these conditions occur on your Alaska small ship cruise adventure.  If sea sickness is a concern, may we suggest that you consider joining us on one of our Prince William Sound small ship cruises were the waters are calmer away from the rolling swells and sea chop.

Inside Passage Cruise via the Alaska Marine Highway
~Washington, British Columbia and Alaska ~

Seattle – Ketchikan – Petersburg – Sitka (or reverse)


Up to 8 DAYS  and 7 NIGHTS  —   Check Rates and Availability

If the Inside Passage is on your bucket list and you are short on time, then this unique cruise will tantalize the senses and offer a maritime journey unlike any other. The remoteness and wild beauty of the Alaska Marine Highway consists of twisting narrow channels, spectacular wildlife variety, and rugged scenic terrain that will capture you forever.

You’ll gain valuable navigational skills, experience, and familiarity of this incredible and technical natural waterway so you will be a more confident mariner when you sail your own vessel.


  • Nonstop cruise aboard our luxury yacht Sea Star for travelers wanting to experience the Inside Passage in a short amount of time
  • Narrow channels, remote scenic terrain, exhilarating wildlife including orcas and whales
  • Intermediate stops in Ketchikan and Petersburg with choice to disembark
  • Option of navigational instruction: learn currents, tides, weather, and night sailing
  • Once in Southeast Alaska, overnight anchorages near glaciers or hot springs

During the Inside Passage cruise route from Seattle to Sitka, we will travel via the Alaska Marine Highway through narrow channels, navigate strong currents, and pass by spectacular remote scenery while making our way up through Canadian waters and into Southeast Alaska.

We will pass by the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands, head up through the Georgia Straights into Discovery Passage through Seymour Narrows where tidal current can reach up to 15 knots and more. As we travel through Johnstone Straight look for orca and humpback whales or even catch a view of Dall porpoises riding the bow of the yacht.

Our route also takes us through Princess and Grenville Channels, with Grenville Channel measuring less than 300 yards across at the narrowest section along this 40 nautical mile channel! As we arrive in Southeast Alaska we will stop in Ketchikan where you may stretch your legs and explore this quaint and busy coastal town or disembark the vessel to end your Inside Passage cruise.

We will continue on to Petersburg by passing through Wrangell Narrows with a chance to see a grazing moose, feeding bald eagles on a beach, and local working fishing and tug boats. Sea Star then stops in the old sleepy fishing town of Petersburg. Petersburg is another great little town to walk around and explore or to disembark to finish your journey.

We’ll then depart Petersburg; heading into Frederick Sound in route to our final destination of Sitka. On the way, look for breaching humpback whales and witness their spectacular bubble net feeding technique, enjoy viewing a stunning glacier or even soak in a natural hot spring.

A summer evening in Johnstone Strait going North bound on Sea Star

As we arrive in Sitka, make sure you take the time to tour the historic sites, buy an Alaska Native handmade gift, or visit the Sheldon Jackson Museum (Russian history and Native Alaskan art).


Private carrier Charter Services

Washington – Alaska – British Columbia, Canada

Historical Photo of Sea Star

North Pacific Expeditions provides the ultimate in flexibility and opportunity in private carrier charter services; you determine exactly when and where the vessel goes. We service Washington, Alaska, and British Columbia, Canada.

Your dream trip is limited only by your imagination!

Our custom private yacht charter offers the finest opportunities and options that will meet your sea travel desires. You determine exactly when and where the yacht Sea Star goes and for how long – trips that last a few hours, a few weeks, or even a month or more. Our yacht can also be chartered for research trips depending on the type of project. Sea Star will meet you at your defined port of call and transport you to your desired destinations that meet your specific sea voyage needs.

Forward Deck of Sea Star

We take great pride and care in providing our clients with a unique private yacht charter service to destinations that are not typically accessed by commercial vessels.

We offer a wide range of suitable flexibility and options to help you build the customized charter you desire. Sea Star is fully crewed by 4 qualified crew members; captain, steward, deckhand and a talented gourmet chef.

Please call our North Pacific Expeditions office to book your private yacht charter that includes all meals and accommodations for up to 12 guests to the destinations of your choice.