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We appreciate your business and for choosing us for your Alaska small ship cruise. North Pacific Expeditions wants to ensure that your adventure is an optimal experience. The following information is to help you prepare for your luxury yacht cruise adventure aboard Sea Star.

Making a Reservation

Everyone at North Pacific Expeditions works hard to make sure that every guest receives the best customer service and most personal Alaska cruise experience possible. To achieve this level of customer service, our dedicated office staff and crew are available to assist each guest with exceptional personable attention.

Please give us a call or send us an email to ask questions or to initiate the reservation process. We would be delighted to answer any questions you might have to help you find and schedule the best North Pacific Expeditions adventure for you.


Please call 206-886-8107 or email us to book your cruise with North Pacific Expeditions.

Reservation and Inquiries


Cruise Booking Policy

The following provides our basic reservation and payment practices when booking a cruise with North Pacific Expeditions.


Cancellation Policy


How do I make a reservation?

Are credit cards accepted?

    • Yes, we accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) for a nominal service fee of up to 3.75%.

What is included in the price of the cruise?

    • For Southcentral Alaska cruises: Train ride and/or plane ticket between Anchorage and the port of call where you will embark and disembark the vessel Sea Star.
    • All meals, snacks, beverages including wine and/or beer served with dinner
    • All bedding and linens
    • All guided activities including sea kayaking and shore excursions
    • All equipment including sea kayaking gear, hiking poles, binoculars
    • Rubber boots used during land excursions

What is NOT included in the price of the cruise?

    • Airfare or any other type of transportation expenses unless specifically identified as part of cruise itinerary.
    • Roundtrip airfare or any other type of  transportation fees and fares to/from Anchorage Alaska not identified as part of cruise itinerary.
    • Lodging in Anchorage
    • Hard liquor (Time is made available for you to purchase hard liquor before Sea Star’s departure)
    • Gratuities
    • Travel insurance (highly recommended)
    • Personal items
    • Float plane transfer to/from the vessel Sea Star due to late arrival or early departure
    • Anything else that has not been mentioned or clearly identified as part of cruise itinerary. 

Do I really need Trip Insurance?

    • We HIGHLY recommend trip insurance to cover you if any unforeseen situations arise. Trip insurance will reimburse you for nonrefundable air fare and other travel costs due to a cancellation or interruption of your trip. In addition, trip insurance also will cover medical emergencies, including medical evacuation and transportation, to the hospital or anything else while aboard Sea Star.

Will I get seasick?

    • There will be times during our cruises that we will be in the open waters of the ocean where there will be swells. If you are prone to seasickness we recommend receiving a prescription patch from your doctor or using other methods that work well for you. The yacht is equipped with stabilizers that assists in keeping the vessel more stable.

What is the weather like?

    • The Kenai Peninsula (including Prince William Sound) and Inside Passage are both temperate rainforests. Weather can change rapidly and can be cool and rainy in the summer. Temperatures will average in the mid 60s (Fahrenheit) during the day and into the mid 40s F at night. Sometimes there are days that will reach into the 70s F.

What do I need to pack for my cruise? What type of luggage should I use?

    • See Packing List (under Guest Forms and Information below)
    • We recommend soft duffel bags on the yacht as they are easily stored. Hard or non-collapsible suitcases are discouraged as they are difficult to stow.

Can I do laundry on the boat?

    • We do not offer laundry services, but we do have places in the engine room to dry wet clothes.

Can I plug in my phone, camera, laptop computer in my stateroom?

    • Yes, our cabins provide 110V outlets for your convenience.

Is there cell phone service or WiFi access?

    • There is intermittent cell phone coverage in Prince William Sound and little to no coverage in the Kenai Fjords. Coverage is sporadic for the Inside Passage and roaming fees may apply while in Canadian waters. Coverage is available in our ports of call: Seward, Whittier, and Homer. A satellite phone is available for emergencies only.
    • There is no WiFi service on Sea Star.

What level of physical fitness do I need to be in?

    • A certain amount of agility is required to get in and out of the sea kayaks and the skiff. There will be some light hiking and short sea kayaking excursions, but no strenuous activities. When filling out your pre-cruise forms, please list any medical conditions that we need to be aware of.

What if I don’t want to participate in an activity?

    • Not a problem! Activities are optional and you may instead relax, take a nap, or enjoy sitting on the bow reading a book. It’s completely up to you.

Is there alcohol on the yacht?

    • We do provide select wines and beer. If you would like hard liquor, time is made available for you to purchase hard liquor before Sea Star’s departure.

Is fishing provided?

    • We do not provide fishing on our cruises. Although there are plenty of local half day or full day fishing charters available out of our ports of call if you choose to extend your trip.

Can I smoke on board?

    • Smoking is allowed outside on the vessel in designated areas. However, we hold a high expectation that our passengers will exercise good judgment out of respect for those passengers that do not smoke.

Can I use marijuana products on the yacht since Alaska just passed a recreational marijuana use law?

    • Even though using marijuana products in the state of Alaska is legal under state law; the vessel Sea Star operates under federal law which prohibits the position and use of marijuana products, or any other illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, aboard the vessel at any time while operating on federal regulated waters.

Can I bring my children?  What is our Child Policy?
    • We recommend children ten and older for our cruises. With whole boat charters we can accommodate any age. During our cruises, it is the responsibility of the parent/parents to watch over your children as the crew is unable to entertain or babysit due to the demands of running the yacht. See our child policy in Terms and Conditions (below) for more information regarding children.

How much do I pay for gratuities?

    • Crew gratuities are given at the discretion of the guests and is not mandatory. If you wish to provide a tip, it is divided equally among the four crew members. Cash or personal checks are accepted and an envelope is provided for your convenience in your stateroom which is given to the captain

What if I want to stay an extra day or two in Seward, Homer, or Whittier either before or after my cruise?

    • With advance notice we can arrange your train or Homer plane ticket to suit your needs if you’d like to extend your trip. We do not cover the cost of lodging for the extra days.

Guest Forms and Information

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