Life Aboard Sea Star

•An Alaska  Adventure Charter VESSEL•


 Exploring and Sightseeing Alaska at its Best

• Prince William Sound •

• Kenai Fjords National Park •

• Inside Passage ~ Alaskan Marine Highway•


The Life and Adventure Cruise aboard Sea Star…

Imagine waking up in a secluded serene cove as a tiny band of ghostly fog dances above the glassy water in the morning sun. It’s as if you’ve stepped back in time….

Get ready for a an Alaska Prince William Sound sightseeing day full of adventure!

~ An Alaska Adventure Charter Boat
~ Wildlife and Glacier Viewing
~ Sea Kayaking
~ Hiking
~ Beachcombing
~ Naturalist Presentations
~ Delicious Meals and Drinks
~ Share stories, play games,
~ O
r simply just relax; read a book and enjoy the peaceful scenic beauty of Alaska!





All our activities and excursions are all-inclusive and participation is fully optional.  

For example, during a scheduled sea kayaking or beach coming excursion,  you may want to just “opt-out” and relax and enjoy the tranquil moments of a secluded quiet cove to read a book or take a nap on Sea Star.


We allow you to decide what is important in the moment that makes your Prince William Sound or Kenai Fjords luxury cruise adventure with North Pacific Expeditions for the best luxury charter yacht cruise experience! 


Let the adventure begin aboard the Alaska charter boat Sea Star!!


Relax, unwind, explore, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you!

This Alaska Adventure and sightseeing experience is unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the wild landscape of the Kenai Fjords National Park, Prince William Sound or Inside Passage that heightens the senses and refreshes your entire being.





The Wildlife…

The Alaskan coastal waters of Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords National Park, and Inside Passage provide a home to an abundance of diverse marine life as well as a variety of birds and land dwellers. Our luxury Alaska sightseeing charter boat cruises offer opportunities to see many types of wildlife in remote and breathtaking environments.  Here is a sample of possible encounters of the native Alaska wildlife species:


Sea Life

Land Dwellers

Marine Birds

The Activities…


Whale Watching

Listen to a waterfall cascading down towering granite walls as the spout of a humpback whale rises gracefully in the distance in the Kenai Fjords National Park. Admire the playful dall’s porpoises as they take pleasure riding the bow waves of the yacht.

Glacier Viewing

Feel exhilarated as a massive blue hued tidewater glacier calves and crashes into the deep fjord below.  Watch lounging harbor seals balance on drifting ice burgs.  Our luxury charter boat Sea Star lets us get as close as safely possible allowing us to hear the creaking of the glacier flow and the crashing of the calving glacier into the still sea waters.

Sea Kayaking

Climb into a sea kayak and paddle away from the luxury yacht Sea Star for a peaceful glide among playful sea otters, drifting jellyfish, and busy shorebirds tending to their nests. Breathe in the crisp pristine air while looking for colorful starfish clinging to shore rocks.  Alaska sightseeing from your own Kayak allows you to get up close with nature that is truly a stunning delight.


Stretch your legs on a remote Alaskan beach on a naturalist led stroll.  Discover hidden tide pools and watch for impressive shore life while enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes.



During one of our naturalist led hikes explore the grandeur of Alaska’s dramatic geologic formations while photographing delicate wildflowers or a swooping bald eagle.

The Cuisine…

Enjoy eating a hearty gourmet breakfast and drinking a cup of coffee among snow-crested mountain views and ancient glaciers.

Our talented chef aboard the luxury charter boat Sea Star creates fine epicurean meals while using the freshest ingredients available.   Your palette will be delighted as you look out at majestic mountain and glacier views. We offer a selection of quality meats and Alaskan seafood, fresh vegetables and herbs (organic when possible), scrumptious pastries, and carefully prepared dishes along with fine wines and beer.  Special dietary needs can be accommodated.

Let your palate delight in the fresh flavors of our home cooked gourmet meals with some of the best views on earth as if you where on your own private luxury yacht.